Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update 5: Hostmonster Lives in Opposite World

Well, the backup was able to be transferred and it was not corrupt.  However, upon evaluating the restore, Dan discovered that the file count didn’t match.  I sent him the logs that Hostmonster published with the backup and it appears that a “full backup” is a very subjective term over at Hostmonster.   You see, because their server is still bogged down the backup skipped files.  Yes, that’s right; the full backup skipped files.  Thereby not really making it a full backup at all. 

So now Dan is manually going through the folders trying to match stuff up as he can and download what is missing.  I myself am trying to run a daily backup to see if that helps, but I am betting that Dan can do it by hand much faster.  However, our site is slowly coming back online and the name servers are pointing correctly, but you can see that there are some things missing.  But as far as restoring the files it’s a race! 

Dan versus Hostmonster.  (My money is on Dan.)


  1. Go Dan go!!

    I've been following your epic hosting issues and it looks like the end may be in sight! Hang in there guys!

  2. Here's hopin' it all comes back!

  3. I'm not sure if its irony (also note this is supposed to be a somewhat funny comment to help lighten the mood if you need it) but It's ironic or interesting that their name contains the monster and they are treating you like this, and its been what? two years? your also paying customers, they should treat you guys better then that.

  4. ok the first part of my comment about their name was the joke, the rest was serious, they might lose some reputation over this, I know I'm not sure if I ever want to be a customer to them.