Thursday, February 24, 2011

Status Update 4

It was a long night, and I want to salute our tech Dan who was really committed to getting things set up for us. I know he worked at least 12 hours yesterday and a lot of that time was answering questions and working with me to trying to get our information from the old host.

Unfortunately our old host is still so incredibly overburdened (even without us being active) that when Dan was attempting to do a back up, the process was dying on the old host. This resulted in corrupted backups. When Dan tried to just do a live import, the transfers would just die on him.

So, after being on the phone with the old host for half an hour (thanks to the help desk guy who was uncomfortably mediating between me and tier 2 support) we think we have it nailed down. Dan gave it a good show and was working until after midnight his time to see if he could get it working, but eventually we both agreed that we would let the backup run and see how it would turn out.

However, good news greeted me this morning and we have received an email from the host stating that a backup has been successfully created and hopefully it is not corrupted. So, if it is good to go, Dan should be able to transfer it over to the new server and restore out site!

So, it has been a process and I have to say I think we made a good choice in our future host. In the future, due to the nature of virtual servers, we should be able to scale the server if we run into problems. I can't thank VPSzone and you all enough. You all have been incredibly supportive and we thank you for it!

- Merric

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  1. Good to know that things are on track.

    Hopefuly, the achievements of the week will aready be on the new site! :)