Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Operation Supply Drop LOTRO Auction

Ollehael of Dwarrowdelf emailed us letting us know of a charity event in support of our U.S. troops that has touched our little corner of LOTRO. The gaming site, Front Towards Gamer is hosting a charity called “Operation Supply Drop” that focuses on sending things like video games overseas to soldiers deployed in places like Afghanistan.

Ollehael has donated a brand new Collector’s Edition of Mines of Moria for Operation Supply Drop to auction off to help raise funds for this charity. All proceeds from this sale are going to the charity.

The starting bid is $20 with $4 shipping and the auction is open for two more days. The current retail price for a collector’s edition on amazon is about $40 but the point isn’t really about getting a great deal, it’s about supporting the troops while getting good anyway.

Collector’s editions do have a bit more physical goodies than what you’d get buying the regular box or the expansion pack in the store. There’s soundtrack CDs, a replica one ring and a cloth map. But mostly it’s a great cause!

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