Thursday, October 13, 2011

Site Update: 10/13/11 3:30pm Eastern

Malware script is still running. We noticed the .htaccess file hacked again at 2:45pm. Host has been alerted and is quick to respond that the script is embedded in several places. They are scanning the entire account (apparently again as we were told they were scanning last night.)

For now please continue to avoid using the CSTM web site until things are cleaned up.

We believe this to be the work of Saruman's agents.

And don't forget to vote for us in the Podcast Awards today! Cuz if you don't, some malware free podcast will totally win and that's just not acceptable! Pffftttt ... clean virus free site. What is the podcasting world coming to. All the cool sites have malware these days...


  1. And make sure if your blog or site has a link to theirs and it uses a favicon to disable the favicon. The favicon appears to be the reason my blog started getting the warning today and I'm waiting to get my blog back.

  2. Perhaps Saruman prefers that some other podcast win the award? Perhaps he sent Wormtongue to whisper into the ear of Wordpress...?

  3. Any details on which trojans the site was attempting to load? Google's malware page state that it was attempting to load 2 trojans onto the client PC.

  4. @Kurgan: Thanks for the tip. My blog is currently banned by Google for the same reason. I don't remember if I turned on that option within Google's blogroll widget, or it was on by default, but it's definitely off now.